Can You Find Which Way Super Mario Is Running On The Stairs In This Image?

Pictorial difficulties can be both entertaining and challenging at times. Some puzzles may take you only a few seconds to solve, while others may take you an eternity. Internet users are having difficulty accepting the challenge, which has been uploaded as a video to YouTube.

Have you figured out where Super Mario is running in this Optical Illusion yet? If not, don’t worry; we’ve included the solution here; if you want to move on to another optical illusion, quiz, or puzzle, please feel free to browse through our websites; we’ve already covered a lot of this niche.

Most people are perplexed by this puzzle and are unable to identify the images of which direction Super Mario is running. However, some people were able to quickly locate the running Super Mario’s direction in the image, while others were unable to determine where Super Mario was running.

Examine Mario’s left leg closely if you believe he is running downward. Mario was actually running up the stairs. Because this Viral Optical Illusion is difficult to spot, we have attached an image with its location circled.

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