Mom has an emotional first meeting with her adopted daughter after 29 years.

A Tiktok video from 2018 has gone viral, showing an emotional reunion between a Utah mother and a daughter she placed for adoption 29 years ago. The video was posted by Allie Seabock, one of the four children the mother had after placing her firstborn daughter for adoption. The video, which was posted on February 27, has received 13.6 million views since then. The viral video shows the mother walking to the door to greet Jamee, the daughter she adopted after giving birth at the age of 19.

The mother and daughter bear an uncanny resemblance. They embrace warmly and cry together. “We grew up our entire lives never knowing that my mom had another baby, Jamee,” Seabock explained. We didn’t find out until Jamee tracked down my mother. That’s when she decided it was best to break the news to us.” When Seabock’s mother became pregnant with Jamee, only her parents and two siblings were informed. She moved away from her family in order to conceal her pregnancy and give birth.

Mom eagerly waits for the arrival of the daughter she placed for adoption 29 years ago.

She returned home to resume her life after the baby was placed for adoption, and she never mentioned the child again. Still, she worried constantly about her firstborn and hoped that one day her daughter would find her. Seabock’s mother revealed how she discovered Jamee on TikTok. Five years ago, she received a Facebook message in which she was asked if she was Jamee’s biological mother.

“I hoped from the beginning that she would find me,” she explained. I didn’t want to track her down because I wanted it to be her choice. I didn’t want anything forced, but I prayed every day for her to find me.” “Jamie’s mom messaged me on Facebook and said we’re looking for someone who gave up a baby for adoption,” she explained. and I remember dying in the car… I was completely taken aback.

Siblings hug their mom's first born daughter, who was placed for adoption.

So when I got home, I called my sister right away because she was one of the few people who knew about it. And I texted her a picture without saying anything. “All I said was, ‘Look at this picture.'” Seabock’s mother’s eyes welled up as she told the story. Her sister began to cry and confirmed that the photograph was of the child who had been placed for adoption, saying, “That’s your baby.” “So I messaged Jamee’s mom back, and we arranged to talk on the phone the next day,” Seabock’s mother continued.

I didn’t know what to think because I hadn’t spoken to anyone about her in 29 years. So I didn’t know what to think or say… So the next day, her mother called me, and we hit it off right away. And then we talked.” When asked how she felt about the time her daughter was placed for adoption, the mother responded, “Did I have guilt? No. Was I concerned? Daily.

Mom is excited to finally meet her daughter.

I was concerned about whether she was happy, whether she knew she was loved, but I didn’t feel guilty because I knew she would have a better life than I could provide as a teen, single mother.” When the reunion finally occurred, both families were overjoyed. “We were all just super excited,” Seabock and her siblings said. “Seeing her and knowing she is healthy, happy, and has a family is relief,” Seabock’s mother said.

I was simply relieved. It was like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders knowing she is happy and knows how much she is loved.” Years after their first meeting, Seabock’s mother and the daughter she placed for adoption remain in contact with the family. “We see her whenever she is in town because we live far apart but stay connected through texting, calling, and social media,” Seabock said. This happy ending is taking shape, and Seabock continues to share updates on TikTok. Hopefully, this will inspire other happy reunions.

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