Optical Illusion: We challenge you to identify the Spaceship in this picture within 20 seconds

An optical illusion is a way to trick the brain into thinking that something is there when it is not. The human brain puts together pictures because it has learned to predict what will happen. At times, the data can be a little hard to understand.

Today, we have another tricky hidden Spaceship optical illusion for all the sharpest minds to give them another IQ boost. Those who have never tried an optical illusion before should try to figure out how it works to see how smart they are.

How quickly can you find the spaceship that’s been hidden? Now, let’s take this challenge to the next level and make it more fun. Let’s see how fast you can find the Spaceship that is hidden. How many of you can find the Spaceship in less than 20 seconds? Well, don’t worry, we’ll help you figure it out.

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