In this family, babies have hairstyles from the moment they are born.

Babies are frequently born bald or with only a small amount of hair on their heads. However, there is one family in the United Kingdom where babies are born with a real shock of hair. At first glance, the Sheltons appear to be ordinary citizens of Northampton. They quickly rose to prominence not only in their hometown but throughout the British Isles. Shelton has two sons, George and Stanley, who were born with an unusual feature on their heads: thick and long hair.

The doctors had to request scissors in the delivery room when the eldest son, George, was born. After all, the baby’s hair completely obscured his eyes, reaching all the way to the tip of his nose. The most intriguing aspect of his hair growth was its rapidity. George was cut three times in the first six months of his life. The only problem was that the kid hated getting his hair cut.

When the boy was brought to the barbershop for the first time, the master was so taken with him that she asked permission to photograph him. She’d never seen such long hair on a child before. George had a brother when he was four years old. What are your thoughts? Stanley, too, had a lot of hair. His hair straightened and grew exclusively vertically when he was two months old.

“It feels like he was electrocuted,” says the family’s father. And mom has to use gel to style the baby’s hair in order to calm them down. “It’s unlikely that the boy will ever be able to wear a hat. “She’ll never be able to stay on his head,” his mother jokes. Doctors believe that children’s hair is genetic in nature. Because both parents have thick, fast-growing hair.

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