Watch Blossom and Frankie take an afternoon stroll together in the video below

We all need someone to call our “partner,” whether it’s our significant other, spouse, or best friend. Blossom and Bud are two geese whose job it is to comfort mourners at the cemetery. We may believe that dogs are the only animals that can effectively serve as therapy animals, but it turns out that geese can as well. Bud died unexpectedly one day, and while Blossom seemed to be coping well at first, the staff at the memorial park noticed her becoming a little lonelier when mating season arrived.

Blossom began looking for her mate again when the geese mating season arrived, but she was unsuccessful. The Riverside Cemetery staff decided to assist Blossom by posting on Facebook. “Lonely, widowed domestic goose seeks life partner for companionship and occasional shenanigans,” the post said. A local family with a similarly lonely male goose responded to the post and told the staff about their goose, Frankie, also known as “Lonely Handsome,” who recently lost his partner.

Blossom and Frankie met on Valentine’s Day and instantly clicked. Frankie’s family was disappointed that their goose would be going to a new home, but they are relieved that he has finally found a life partner. The two geese now spend a lot of time at the cemetery together. They go on walks together, meet new people and animals, and swim at the lake together.

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