This 16 years old girl found out that she was pregnant, but this was not the main surprise. Three days later…

A young waitress went to the doctor for a contraceptive injection and found out she was pregnant, but before she could get away from the shock, she received another. Three days after discovering she was pregnant, the girl gave birth in the toilet. Aimee Stevens, a waitress from the English town of Calne, was 17 years old when she found out she was pregnant from a clinic nurse. She was only four years older than the other girl, who had five children.

The girl arrived at her scheduled appointment to receive a contraceptive injection, which she had done every three months for a year, according to The Sun. Amy informed the nurse that she was embarrassed by the patient’s cramping and pain, so she asked the patient to take a pregnancy test. Instead of a hormonal injection, Amy received the distressing news of her unplanned pregnancy, similar to the woman who won $10 million in court for the birth of her daughter.

Amy was five or six weeks pregnant, according to the nurse. This news completely turned her life upside down. I had no idea what to do. My friend, who had accompanied me to the hospital that day, tried to hug me, but I told her, “Don’t, because I’ll start crying.” Then I dialed the baby’s father’s number. “He’s perplexed as well,” Aimee says. Amy returned home and wondered how something like this could happen and go unnoticed.

She ignored the fact that her periods were missing because she knew it was possible with the use of contraception. I had no enlarged stomach, no weight gain, and no food cravings. Nobody noticed anything, not my friends, not my coworkers, not even my mother, who saw me every day, Amy recalls. However, the girl had yet to discover how much the doctors had miscalculated the length of her pregnancy. Aimee developed a severe stomach ache just three days after visiting the hospital.

I assumed it was poisoning or, worse, a miscarriage, but I eventually decided that the pain would go away on its own. I tried applying hot towels to my stomach, but it only made me feel worse. I then went to the restroom and sat for about 45 minutes, says Aimee. When the girl stood up, she discovered a baby in the toilet. She rushed to pick it up and, while holding the child, looked for scissors to cut the umbilical cord.

She then went downstairs to wake her 40-year-old mother, who was sleeping. She had no idea she was going to be a grandmother, but she rushed to call an ambulance. On the way to the hospital, the girl managed to notify her boss that she would be absent the following day, and she also informed her friends about the birth of a child. Amy admits that no one believed her.

As soon as they saw the baby’s photo, shocked friends and relatives gathered and provided the young mother with everything she needed for the baby in less than a day. Che, the young mother’s son, was born weighing approximately 2500 grams. Amy’s exact gestational age is unknown because she flushed her placenta down the toilet. Both the mother and the child were perfectly healthy. They returned home three days later.

Amy, on the other hand, remembers that night vividly. She now lives apart from her mother with the baby and his father. Che is already 16 months old, and she has returned to her previous job as a waitress. didn’t know how to care for a baby at first, but I quickly learned. Che is also doing a fantastic job, running around and talking nonstop. My favorite part of the day is deciding what we’ll do: walk, bake, or play any dirty game, but I also want to interact with adults, so it was good to get back to work. Sudden childbirth is common in the lives of women who are unaware of their circumstances.

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