This girl texted positive messages to the incorrect number, and what happened next is unthinkable.

How many times have we texted the incorrect phone number? It’s a simple mistake, but in the case of Brenda Stearns, a text sent to the wrong number changed her life forever. Brenda Stearns, who moved to the United States from Mexico when she was 12 years old, would send positive messages to people in her phone book every day in 2009. She had recently visited her sister in Ohio and had added her sister’s friends to her contacts list before returning to Georgia.

A smiling photo of Brenda Stearns.

“At the time, I didn’t really know many people,” she recalled. I had this habit of sending positive messages to everyone in my phone book on Mondays or throughout the week. I had at least ten phone numbers.” She wrote positive messages to send out one morning, and when she sent them out later that day, one number responded right away. “Amen to that,” the message said. “Who exactly is this?” She texted back, “It’s Brenda, Roxy’s sister,” assuming she had texted one of her sister’s friends in Ohio.

“No, we’ve never met,” the response stated. “Hello, my name is Isaiah Stearns.” Brenda and Isaiah’s lives were changed forever after that. Isaiah, who also lived in Ohio, had purchased a new phone the day before he received the encouraging message from Brenda. The SIM card didn’t work when he first started using the new phone, so he had to get a new number that morning.

A photo of Brenda Stearns with husband Isaiah Stearns.

“So the phone company gives him a new number, and within 30 minutes he receives my text,” Brenda explained. No one knew his phone number; it was brand-new, and if I’d sent that text when I meant to, he’d never received it. Everything fell into place perfectly.” Brenda quickly apologized for the error, but Isaiah said, “If you don’t mind, I’d like to keep your number and possibly text you someday.”

This led to daily phone calls and text messages between the two, which Brenda appreciated because Isaiah was easy to talk to. Soon after, the two exchanged Facebook profiles and began talking more frequently. Brenda suggested meeting for coffee if she was in the area after learning that Isaiah lived near her mother in Ohio. A positive message sent to the wrong number quickly developed into a relationship.

The Stearns family photo.

Brenda confessed her feelings for Isaiah, saying, “We had so many things in common. I was ready at this point in my life. I was 22 years old and had always wanted to be a mother and have a family. I’ve never been on a date. I wanted to date someone who was marriage-worthy.” Brenda was ready for the next step after weeks of talking on the phone and online. She even informed her mother about Isaiah.

“My mom and I are really close, and I remember talking to her and saying, so there’s this guy, he lives in Ohio, and I think I like him, but I’m kind of afraid,” she explained. Instead, her mother offered to see him. In a restaurant, she and Brenda’s younger sister ran into Isaiah. “As soon as they sat at the table, my sister’s like, I got to go to the restroom and gives me a call,” Brenda recalled.

‘Oh my goodness, Brenda, he’s so tall,’ she exclaims. He’s really cute.'” Brenda’s mother also praised Isaiah, giving him an 11 out of 10! Her mother suggested that she invite Isaiah over for Christmas so that the two could finally meet. Brenda’s boss refused to give her time off to travel to Ohio for Christmas, so the meeting almost didn’t happen. Brenda decided to leave her job, despite the fact that it was a heartbreaking decision.

Brenda and Isaiah pose with their six children.

“I told my mom, ‘Hey, I’m going to move in with you for a little while because I quit my job,'” she explained. She and Isaiah finally met in person on December 1, 2009, after moving to Ohio on November 29, 2009. “We talked about our future, our dreams, and where we’d be at this point,” Brenda explained. We resolved not to waste time. ‘Let’s just do it,’ we said. ‘Let’s pretend we’re boyfriend and girlfriend.'”

Three months later, Isaiah proposed, and the unintentional couple married in June 2010. “It happened quickly, but it felt right,” Brenda explained. “It wasn’t hurried. As if it had just happened. We were head over heels in love.” A happy message texted to the wrong number had resulted in a marriage! Now, 13 years later, the couple is still happily married with six children. After 13 years, the couple is happily married with six children, thanks to that one accidental text message.

“People always say things like, ‘You should write a book about this, it’s like a Hallmark movie,'” she says. “I love my story and think it’s unique, but I never imagined it would touch so many people,” Brenda said. Brenda believes that the text with the positive message that started it all was an act of fate. “I love that we made that mistake,” she said. We’ve had our ups and downs, but we’ve always remained strong. “I am extremely proud of our little family.”

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