A man collapses in an airport, and strangers realize he’s on his way home to the last people he expects to see.

Despite the negative image of immigrants in some parts of the world, some countries welcome them with open arms and hearts. They are more than just individuals who deserve a fighting chance; they are also examples of unwavering courage and strength. Especially when things don’t go as planned, when most of us would give up. Dyan, a refugee, didn’t have that option, and his determination changed his luck for the better.

In 2017, a heartwarming YouTube video went viral, showing refugee Dyan’s emotional reaction to seeing his family for the first time in years. Their backstory was far more tragic than anyone could have predicted. Dyan, his wife Alik, and their two children fled their South Sudan village when war broke out. When they were separated, they were on their way to refugee camps in Africa, hoping to relocate to America. Alik was removed from her home with her two children and registered as a single mother.

Dyan, meanwhile, was labeled as a single man and relegated to the bottom of a resettlement list. It’s worth noting that not only was Dyan placed at the bottom of the list by mistake, but this particular demographic is rarely accepted for relocation to the United States. Dyan was sent to an Egyptian refugee camp, and their only written proof of marriage was destroyed in the chaos. As a result, they would be unable to prove their marriage or live together. Alik arrived at Dallas/Ft.

Worth International Airport, pregnant with their third child and unsure whether she’d ever see her husband again. Four long years later, thanks to the assistance of Catholic Charities, the refugee would be reunited with his family and meet his third child for the first time. Catholic Charities was founded in 1910 and is headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia.

Their mission began as an organization to help bring other charities together and has since expanded to provide countless services to those in poverty or in danger across the country. When Molly and Mary Claire, Alik’s mothers, volunteered at the organization, they were given Alik’s case. The three quickly became inseparable, and the two Dallas moms worked tirelessly to reunite Alik and her refugee husband.

Molly and Mary Claire were even present to assist the struggling mother during her years as a single mother, including attending the birth of her third child. Despite their efforts, four years had passed and the Dallas moms had done everything they could to assist their friend in finding her refugee husband. They’d exhausted all options, including politicians, immigration lawyers, and social workers. Fortunately, after mountains of paperwork, they were able to locate Dyan.

After years apart, the refugee family would be reunited. A refugee is seemingly inspirational due to the enormous amount of bravery, optimism, and hope required to leave the only home you’ve ever known. Sometimes the entire family is uprooted. Not to mention having no knowledge of the new country’s language or customs. Being separated from family isn’t the only challenge a refugee faces as they embark on a new life in search of safety and prosperity.

We’ve already discussed learning the language, but because all parents want the best for their children, refugee parents face an additional challenge. Most of the time, they are unable to assist their children with their schoolwork, which can sometimes cause the child to fall behind. Due to exploitation, discrimination, or unaffordable housing costs, a refugee may also have difficulty finding work or housing. Access to resources such as physical or mental health care, as well as legal advice.

They may also have difficulty with transportation because it is expensive and/or requires some human interaction, as well as understanding local maps and routes. Although these are significant obstacles, they are surmountable. A refugee can integrate into society and their local communities in a variety of ways. EventBrite is just one of many apps that bring together people with similar interests in the same cities.

Using one of these apps can assist a refugee in finding people who share similar interests and even cultural preferences. Ideally, this will facilitate the process of getting to know your neighbor. Volunteering is another way to assist a refugee in becoming involved in their community. It is not only good for the soul, but it can also help immigrants connect with one another, allowing them to feel more relatable to one another.

Look for something to do. It is critical to complete the necessary steps for citizenship, such as finishing and filing the paperwork on time. Knitting scarves or making jewelry to sell online, for example. This can help you earn a little extra money while taking your mind off the endless wait for citizenship approval. A refugee’s mental health may suffer as a result of their experience fighting for their life.

Maintain a positive attitude. It’s cliche and vague, but it conveys a powerful message. Staying positive does not imply denying your difficulties. Instead, it means to maintain hope in the face of adversity. Program your thoughts to be self-assured, kind, and empowering to yourself and others. You can easily maintain your own morale by being a beacon of light and hope for others.

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