This girl decided to lose weight, after she transformed into a completely different person.

Some people change so drastically when they decide to get their act together and lose weight that they are no longer the same people. It happened to Luna, a girl who had been overweight her entire life. Luna has had nutritional issues since adolescence. She gained too much weight too quickly…

This distorted her figure. But she realized she didn’t want to stay that way and pulled herself together. The girl stated that she no longer fit in. Luna stated that she did not seek the assistance of a doctor or a beauty expert in order to lose weight. Her new body is the result of what she eats and how much she exercises.

Luna can now finally wear tops and short skirts that hug her body. Previously, 90% of her wardrobe consisted of loose sweaters and wide pants, which helped her conceal her figure flaws. Internet users praised the girl for her new look and praised her for her determination. “You’re really cool,” “I shudder to think how difficult it must have been for you.” “She’s gotten so thin, pretty woman.”

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