This Man Never Stopped Looking For His Little Brother, And How They Finally Reunited After 80 Years is Heartwarming

Something about the brotherly bond appeals to me. It’s still intact for Bill Cordes and Robert Wilson after decades of use. When their mother was deemed incapable of caring for her children, social services separated the boys. Bill attempted to conceal his younger brother in a closet, but it was too late.

“I grabbed him and dashed toward the house. I was about to hide him in a closet when they stopped me on the porch and explained the situation. He was in good hands, they said, and that was the last time I saw him. He was 4 months old,” Bill said.

The two went on to live separate lives. From childhood to marriage and starting their own families. Bill, on the other hand, never stopped thinking about his baby brother, hoping to find him one day. It appeared that finding him would be impossible. However, nothing is impossible for God.

Following a series of events in which Bill required information about his genetics, his granddaughter discovered the key to locating Robert. Bill Cordes finally helped his little brother, Roberts Wilson, in his embrace after 80 years. And this time, there’s no going back. The couple is making up for lost time by cherishing every moment they have together.

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