Watch This touching moment How Nicolly saw her mother for the first time.

Nicolly Pereira, 2, knew her mother adored her, and her mother made it clear when she stroked her light brown hair and hugged her. It’s just that she hadn’t seen or heard from her mother since she was a baby. The deaf and blind toddler from Brazil was diagnosed with pediatric glaucoma shortly after birth. Nicolly’s eye pressure was 50, which is unusual for a child her age. Unfortunately, doctors confirmed that she couldn’t even see light.

Since she was a newborn, Nicolly could only communicate with her mother by touching and hugging her. Nicolly’s mother, on the other hand, did not give up. Daiana Pereira was confident that her daughter would eventually notice and hear her. Nicolly had seven surgeries to correct her medical conditions, but they were all unsuccessful. Later, Daiana shared a story about Nicolly on Facebook, and her story quickly went viral.

Soon after, Nicolly was contacted by the Jackson Health Foundation’s International Kids Fund (Wonderfund), which collaborated with the Kevin Garcia Foundation to assist her. The organizations eventually raised $17,000 for Nicolly’s surgery at Bascom Palmer. Nicolly later had a three-hour surgery to restore her sight. Fortunately, the eighth surgery was a success! Nicolly’s blood pressure dropped from 50 to 12.

When the doctor removed her eye patches after the surgery, it was a heartwarming moment. When the doctor removed the eye patches, Nicolly sat on her mother’s lap. She was taken aback by her newly acquired sight at first, and she looked around the room with interest. Then she looked her mother in the eyes, and what happened next is truly heartwarming.
In this video, you can see the touching moment Nicolly saw her mother for the first time.

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