A senior on a fixed income builds a beautiful tiny house with a large sunroom and is overjoyed.

Gloria, 72, is on a fixed income, but she was able to build herself an exceptional tiny home with a massive sun room. Gloria’s journey began when she came across a video of a tiny house on the internet. She was so taken with the tiny house lifestyle that she began fantasizing about owning one. Her traditional home was approximately 1800 square feet in size, which she realized was insufficient for her and her two fur babies.

After all of her daydreaming, she got up and started working on her dream tiny house. She is currently living her dream, as she owns a beautiful tiny home in a tiny house village in Tennessee for $85,000. It was only a quarter the size of her previous home, but it had everything she required. She created it herself based on what she requires in her daily life. Gloria has a lovely garden in which she grows herbs, fruits, and vegetables. She also has a large dog pen for her two canine companions to keep coyotes at bay.

There’s a patio on the side for barbecuing, and if it gets too hot, she can just pull down the big shades. Gloria’s tiny house, which she calls Tiny Taj, has enough space for everything. There is no crammed or cluttered area in the house. She worked hard to organize her belongings in order to make her tiny house appear cozy and spacious. Her bedroom is spacious and inviting, with a queen-sized bed and a fireplace to keep her warm in the winter.

Behind the curtains is a 55-inch picture window that lets in natural light and brightens the space. She also has some pull-out spice racks and two drawers under her bed where she keeps all of her canned goods. Gloria’s kitchen is meticulously designed. She wanted to maximize the space available, so she hung her pots, pans, and knives on the wall. Her kitchen has everything she used to have, including a coffee bar, a large crushed granite sink, induction and gas cooktops, a dishwasher, and a water filter.

She even has a full-size refrigerator and freezer full of food to share with her friends. A special ladder is attached to the wall in the center of the room. It leads to a storage loft where she keeps items she doesn’t use on a daily basis. She has all of her bathroom necessities as well as a closet with all of her clothes neatly hung. There are also cubicles with baskets where she keeps her folded clothes.

Gloria’s bathroom is perfectly sized, as is her 46-foot walk-in shower. She has a full-size washer and dryer, as well as an inflatable soaking tub, which she finds very useful. This is also the location of her tankless water heater. The spacious sun room she built separately to make room for her favorite furniture is the most exciting part of her tiny house. At the end of the day,

Gloria’s motivation for going tiny is primarily financial. She is now 72 years old and on a fixed income, so a large house was out of the question. Another advantage she sees in tiny living is the sense of community. “Once I retired, if I was not working, I rarely saw at all. It’s very community-oriented here. That’s all there is to it.”

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