This Mom allowed her daughter to do a hobby, and not go to kindergarten, and what happened after that is stunning!

The girl had been drawing with crayons since she was a child, so her mother decided not to interfere with her daughter’s hobby and did not regret it. Her child has grown into a successful architect, whose work is admired by thousands of people and whose history is inspiring. Annie is OK, a Twitter user, contributed to the popular flash mob on October 15. People share stories about their successes in external transformation, study, work, and even repairs in the room, making it difficult to find a cat.

The girl shared two photos taken years apart. On the first, you can see the heroine as a child, drawing with crayons, and on the second, she has matured in a helmet at a construction site, albeit not in reality, playing the role of an architect. How it began and how it is still going on. Annie’s tweet wowed many, as evidenced by the over 650 thousand likes it received. The girl’s popularity surprised her, so she decided to share the story behind her success.

Such a reaction surprised me! “However, I’d like to thank my mother for encouraging my creativity by allowing me to play with crayons, draw, and do my own thing until first grade and not sending me to prep or kindergarten,” she wrote. Annie’s mother did not disappoint: she was able to devote time to the development of her talent as a child, which eventually led her to fulfill her own dream. The girl can now brag about being not only an architect but also the owner of her own firm.

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