How the legs of this 11-year-old girl were turned 180 degrees will amaze you!

An 11-year-old Cameroonian girl could barely move due to a growth disorder; the four-kilometer journey to school took her several hours. This schoolgirl’s legs were bent 180 degrees. According to the Daily Mail, this did not stop the girl from playing football, walking with friends, or even climbing trees.

However, thanks to the charity organization Mercy Ships, Justine underwent surgery and had her legs twisted in the opposite direction, securing them with plaster casts. She proudly walked down the stairs on her own five months later.

Justine was born with a disease that causes a temporary disruption or halt in the growth of the tibia. The condition of the girl’s legs deteriorated with age, and by the age of 11, it was critical. The surgeon advised them to undergo an osteotomy (artificial bone fracture) and spin their legs back.

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