Lady Sees Grandson Sleep on Floor with No Blanket, ‘Dad Makes Me Do It!’ He Says

Raymond was a single father who was tough on his son because of the difficulties he faced as a child. He miraculously changes his life for the better after receiving a wake-up call from his mother-in-law. Raymond knocked on the door of his mother-in-law, Stacey. Chris, his 6-year-old son, was waiting for him. Raymond and Stacey had a long-standing understanding. While Raymond was at work, Stacey would keep an eye on Chris. If Chris didn’t get off work late, he’d pick him up in the evenings.

Raymond was a fatherless child. His and his son’s lives had changed dramatically since Chris’s mother left Raymond for a wealthy man several years ago. Raymond’s mother-in-law, to her surprise, chose his side and stopped communicating with her own daughter. She did her best to help Chris and Raymond. Chris adored his son and worked tirelessly to raise him.

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Raymond rang the doorbell at Stacey’s modest suburban home. Stacey opened the door to find Raymond yawning and his eyes heavy with bags. “Someone appears to be exhausted. Is it been a long day?” Stacey inquired. “Do you mean I’ve been fired? “Yeah, I didn’t get much sleep last night, and today was a long day,” Raymond admitted. “Yeah, and I’m pretty sure staying out late with your worthless friends didn’t help,” Stacey scoffs.

She always had a little attitude, but it was always from a good place. “After work, we had one beer,” Raymond explained. “It is never just one… In any case, you appear to be a shambles. I believe you should take the day off tomorrow to rest. I’ll come to your house in the morning to assist you with cooking and cleaning “Stacey stated. “Oh no, Stacey! What would I be if not for you?” Raymond said as he hugged her.

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“It isn’t for you. It’s for that little boy in there, you see “Stacey pointed inside the house to Chris, who was sitting on the floor playing with his toys. “Let me quickly come in and greet the little fella,” Raymond said as he entered the house. Later, Raymond called his boss to request a day off. Unfortunately, before he could even present his request, he was confronted with the most shocking news.

“What do you mean I’m fired?” Raymond inquired over the phone. “Please accept my apologies, Raymond. There have been a number of complaints about you. You’re too slow and unfocused. I would have told you sooner, but I was hoping you’d find your feet. Please accept my apologies, Raymond. I wish you the best of luck, “the boss concluded, cutting the phone call and leaving Raymond perplexed.

“I still can’t believe it. My boss recently fired me “Raymond informed Stacey. “Raymond, I’m so sorry to hear that. Go to the bar and hang out with one of your friends, I tell you. Chris is welcome to spend the night with me “Stacey stated. Stacey was cooking in the kitchen while Raymond sat at her dinner table, and Chris was still happily playing with his toys on the floor. “The same useless friends you were just complaining about?” Raymond laughed.

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“I guess they’re good for something after all,” Stacey exclaimed, laughing. “Don’t be concerned. You’ll be fine, Raymond.” Raymond left Chris and Stacey to finish preparing dinner. Stacey had made her famous sausage pasta. The sweet Italian sausage aroma filled the house, caressing Chris’ nostrils as he sat at the dinner table, eagerly anticipating his meal.

Stacey served a large portion of food to the boy, who looked shocked. “That’s a lot of food for me! It’s incorrect! We must save food in order to have enough money “Chris expressed concern. Stacey thought the boy’s words were strange. She was even more troubled by the discomfort and fear on his face. “Don’t be concerned, Chris. There is still plenty of food. You are free to eat as much as you want “She gave him assurance.

The next morning, Stacey entered the room where Chris was sleeping and was taken aback by what she saw. When she entered the room, she discovered Chris curled up in a ball on the floor, without a blanket. “Chris!” exclaimed Stacey, nudging the boy awake. “How come you’re sleeping on the floor?” “Uhm… Dad forces me to do it! “Chris stated.

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“Does he force you to sleep on the floor?” Stacey inquired. “Yes… He says it builds character,” Chris explained. Stacey was stunned by what she was hearing. Stacey, enraged, called Raymond and demanded that he come to her house right away. Raymond arrived soon after, to find an irritated Stacey waiting for him on the porch.

“Raymond?! What is this crazy food economy you’ve got going on, Chris? Worse, why are you sleeping on the floor with the poor child?! Talking about building character!? He’s six, Ramond!” Stacey snapped. “It’s not what it appears to be. And it’s not nearly as bad as you think “Raymond defended himself.

“It’s not good to make your six-year-old sleep on the floor, Raymond!” Stacey elaborated. “I know it appears to be a disaster… But… But that’s how I was brought up, Stacey. We were poor growing up, and my father always tried to prepare us for the harsh realities of life outside the home. I simply desired the same for Chris “Raymond elaborated.

“You want poverty for your child, Raymond?” a stunned Stacey asked, not understanding Raymond’s logic. “That’s not what I mean. The real world is difficult. All I want is for my son to be prepared. It’s all to better his life and prepare him “Raymond explained. “Oh… How about your gambling? Is that also for Chris?” Stacey inquired. “Gambling?” Raymond pretended he had no idea what Stacey was talking about.

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“You understand exactly what I mean. Late nights and bags under your eyes. You’ve been spending nights with your friends at the casino “Stacey stated. “How did you know that?” Raymond inquired. “My neighbor Judy works the late shift at the casino and says you’ve become somewhat of a regular,” Stacey exclaimed. “So, I’d like to make a request of you. It’s also a pretty big ask “Raymond expressed his trepidation.

“Okay, well… I might as well spill the beans now that the cat is out of the bag. Stacey, I owe you money. I’m in a lot of debt, “He stated. “What exactly do you mean?” Stacey inquired, concerned. “That’s exactly what I mean! I’m in debt and barely making ends meet. Particularly now that I’ve lost my job, “Raymond admitted, almost in tears. “Listen up, Raymond… That breaks my heart.

But I’m still not convinced you should put it on Chris. In fact, you must do everything possible to ensure that your son does not grow up in poverty like you did “Stacey explained as she hugged Raymond. Stacey went from compassionate and sympathetic to determined and stern in the blink of an eye. “So this is how things will be going forward. My grandson will live with me until you can pay off your debts and get back on your feet.

Otherwise, I will contact the authorities and have your parental rights revoked. Those are your choices, “Stacey stated. Raymond, Stacey knew, was a good man. While she was angry at how he treated his grandson, she still had faith in Raymond. And Raymond was determined to put his life back together. Raymond’s life was transformed from that day forward. He stopped seeing his friends as much and began working multiple jobs throughout the day and night.

He came to Stacey’s house every night and brought Chris toys and sweets. He finally paid off all of his debts after a few months of hard work. Raymond came over to Stacey’s house one day with a profound request. “Raymond, it’s great to see you. Looking good, “Stacey said as she welcomed Raymond into the home. He was dressed formally in a new suit.

“Daddy!” Chris cried out and jumped into his father’s arms. “Hello, young man! You are only getting bigger and bigger!” Raymond made a chirping sound. “Are you here to drive me home?” Chris inquired. “Not quite, my boy. Actually, that’s why I came to see your grandmother “Raymond stated as he sat on the couch with Chris. “Why don’t you go play with your new toys while Grandma Stacey and I talk? I’ll join you in a moment “He came to a conclusion.

“All right, daddy,” Chris said, hurrying to his room to play. “You know how much he’s missed you!” Stacey said as she sat down on the couch. “Yeah, I’ve missed him as well,” Raymond agreed with Stacey. “So, I’d like to make a request of you. It’s also a pretty big ask “Raymond expressed his trepidation. “Alright. Let it rip! You know how I feel about suspense “Stacey was adamant.

“This is worth $40,000.00. I was tempted to give it to my daughter, but she does not deserve it.” “Alright. Finally, I’ve paid off all of my debts “Raymond made an announcement. “Oh, how wonderful!! Chris is now free to return home!” Stacey yelled. “Well… Not quite. I hoped he could stay with you a little longer. I considered what you said carefully, and I want to provide a better life for my son. So I’m attempting to raise funds for my own business. I just need a little more time, “Raymond explained.

“Business? That’s the kind of conversation I’d like to hear. Don’t be concerned. Chris and I are going to be fine. You just have to keep fighting to be the father and man I know you are capable of being “Stacey said as she hugged Raymond. “I believe in you,” Stacey said, smiling warmly. She stood up and went to her room, returning with a bag that she handed to Raymond.

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“What exactly is this?” Raymond inquired, reluctantly accepting the bag. “This is worth $40,000.00. I was going to give it to my daughter, but she doesn’t deserve it “She stated. Raymond was at a loss for words as he opened the bag and saw the cash inside. “I’m not going to accept this,” Raymond said. “Nonsense! It’s an investment in my grandson. Look, we all make mistakes in life, but only those who recognize and correct their errors can find happiness.

You’ve come a long way in trying to correct yours. Accept the money, please “Stacey stated. “Thank you, Stacey,” Raymond sobbed. He was tightly hugging his mother-in-law. Raymond used the money to start his own trucking company and buy his first truck. He began as the sole driver, employing only two truck loaders. During one of his first orders, he met a young lady named Angela. The two hit it off right away and began dating soon after.

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Raymond’s business expanded gradually over the next few months. He was eventually able to buy more trucks, open a company office, and re-house Chris. He had 30 employees working for him after two years and was engaged to Angela. Raymond was not only able to ensure that his son never lived in the poverty that he was accustomed to as a child, but he also taught him the value of hard work. Raymond eventually bought Stacey a small house near the beach as a thank you for all her assistance.

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