‘I wear my hair in pigtails to appear innocuous, and men can’t take their gaze away from me!’ It disgusts me, but at the very least I get HUGE tips!’

A server has gone viral after claiming some secrets to her success in receiving large tips. She claims that wearing pigtails makes her more appealing to men, and that they can’t help but lavish her with compliments and cash. According to the 26-year-old server, it is difficult to get people to leave large tips in this day and age. However, if you have the right tricks up your sleeve, it can be rewarding.

“I believe in melting men’s hearts.” You don’t need much makeup. But what you do need is something that appears innocent and makes them gasp. “And that’s where these pigtails come in,” she added. Hannah Pemberton, from Ohio, says she enjoys earning more tips and is now choosing to help others along the way. Another trick she employs is to tie her apron higher to cinch her waist. Similarly, she tries to cinch her waist and intends to show more cleavage.

Overall, small changes can make a big difference, but wearing her hair up in pigtails may be the key to her success. While Hannah admits that her behavior may appear odd to some, she does not seem to mind because it works well for her. “It may appear misogynistic, but you know, that doesn’t matter.” It works out so well for me, and I couldn’t be happier with the kinds of rewards that come my way,” she adds.

Netizens couldn’t be more in agreement. They believed the pigtails theory was popular among female servers. And the assumption that male servers tip more if their hair is braided certainly helps. Do you agree or disagree? Let us know in the comments, and please SHARE the story with others. Things aren’t going well for Elon Musk and his company, Tesla. Furious vehicle owners are speaking out about how they’ve had enough of the drama with the vehicles that refuse to function in such freezing temperatures.

One weather expert was heard saying that she got locked out of her own car in the frozen snowy blizzard conditions and it was just too much for her to bear. And it was harrowing for her after she made that revelation to notice how she was not the only one who spoke out about the state of the vehicles and how disappointing it was to see something like this happen. Worse, when these customers contacted Tesla for assistance, they were met with horrifying customer feedback.

They received no response and were thus left stranded and alone. It was the worst feeling in the world, they said, and they wished they could go back in time because this is outrageous. Most people documented their experiences and shared them on social media, demonstrating that these electronically powered vehicles do not charge in freezing temperatures. They also don’t give you any kind of warning beforehand. So, despite paying so much money, you end up with a completely terrifying experience in general.

With so much negative publicity focusing on this venture, we can only imagine how others must be feeling about it. A large number of people were stranded on Christmas Eve. And it only made the holiday season that much more difficult for them. “This is the time I should be spending at home with my loved ones, but I’m stuck here because of this useless Tesla I bought!”

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