After retiring, this woman lives in a tiny teardrop trailer that has everything she needs. It’s stunning on the inside!

Sharon, a “gypsy at heart,” chose to change her life after retiring from her work as a pharmacist in May 2014. She purchased a 2015 T@B M@x S teardrop trailer and began a nomadic existence! She tows the trailer in her four-door Jeep Wrangler and plans to live in it full-time. Sharon refers to it as her “tall teardrop” since it differs from traditional teardrop trailers in that it includes standing space and an internal height of 5’9″ at its highest point, which is just right for her 5’4″ height.

It weights 1,670 pounds in total. Sharon thought about her purchase for a long time. She attended the January 2012 RTR and was considering the ideal rig for her trips. The retiree had previously owned four bigger travel trailers and wasn’t sure whether she wanted to return to towing or attempt a tiny RV or van for her future home on wheels. Sharon did not want to part with her Jeep since she enjoys driving it.

Jeeps, on the other hand, have a restricted towing capability and aren’t regarded for being outstanding towing vehicles. Despite this, Sharon was pleasantly astonished by how smoothly her teardrop trailer was hauled by the Jeep! While it slows down on slopes, she wouldn’t notice it unless she checked her mirror. Because it’s a 4-door, it offers a spacious rear room for her other stuff that won’t fit in the trailer.

The teardrop camper is an excellent vehicle for experiencing the nomadic lifestyle; it has a toilet and a wet bath that she can use while standing. Sharon derives her strength from two sources. One is connecting the trailer to power, while the other is using the 135 watts of solar panels. Sharon prefers to cook outdoors, even though her home includes a two-burner stove, since the fresh air helps clear her mind.

It also prevents her trailer from smelling like food. Her trailer has a wide visor and several windows that enable sunshine and air to pass through. Sharon keeps herself warm on cooler evenings by turning on the radiator, which radiates heat via the vents. She also has a gas heater that takes around 2 to 3 minutes to heat up. She turns on the trailer’s air conditioner on hot days. Its windows and doors are also equipped with screens to keep insects away.

Many people may be surprised to learn that Sharon’s trailer contains a modest but fully equipped kitchen, complete with a refrigerator! Sharon is never bored, even when she stays inside her trailer. This is due to the fact that she has an entertainment system built between her bathroom door and kitchen cabinets. It can play CDs and DVDs, and she can watch her TV programs on it. Take a look inside Sharon’s small house on wheels as she explores a nomadic existence in the video below.

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