A 13-year-old boy gets an unforgettable birthday present: His father gave him 40 acres of land.

It may appear extravagant, but this father wanted to teach his son a valuable life lesson. When his son turned 13, Faheem surprised him with 40 acres of land in Boulevard, California, near the US-Mexico border. According to Muhammad, the birthday surprise was a rite of passage with historical significance. He explained, “After slavery, of course, we were supposed to get 40 acres and a mule.”

News of Muhammad's birthday surprise for his son immediately went viral.

This referred to Union General William T. Sherman’s Special Field Order No. 15, which was issued in January 1865, near the end of the Civil War. The Special Field Order, which was intended for newly freed slaves, was never implemented.”We’re not crying because someone didn’t give us what they promised,” the father added. If this is something we want, we will go out and get it.”

Muhammad stated that the birthday surprise was intended to instill in his son the principles of self-sufficiency and the value of land ownership. Although it may seem like an extravagant gift for a teen, real estate investment is undoubtedly one way to secure and maintain generational wealth.Faheem Ra’id, also known as Little Faheem, reflected on African Americans and real estate, saying, “We don’t really have that much. We do not own our homes, as is common in some neighborhoods.

The birthday surprise is 40 acres of land along the US-Mexico border. Another photo with a small lake.

It is simply preferable to learn how to deal with such situations rather than investing in real estate, land ownership, or home ownership.”The elder Muhammad was Michael Jackson’s former head of security. He lives in San Diego and is the co-founder and chief information officer of the OASIS investment group, which buys and rebuilds properties on Chicago’s South Side.

The real estate development firm is dedicated to transforming and uplifting low-income and underserved neighborhoods. Muhammad purchased 198 acres of land in 2021 to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life.”We see clear space, where we can enjoy nature uninterruptedly, especially growing up in a congested city like Los Angeles; when we’re out here, it’s completely different,” Muhammad said. When his son’s birthday came around, 40 acres of that land became a birthday surprise for him.

Muhammad's birthday surprise aims to teach his son about self-sustainability.

Muhammad said of OASIS’ investments, “A lot of times you hear about gentrification where they come in and make these places nice to live in.”He explained that rising prices force African Americans out of their own neighborhoods. “Our concept was to come in and make them nice places to live, but for the people who already lived there,” Muhammad explained. By collaborating with the US Securities and Exchange Commission to acquire a Regulation A,

Tier 2 real estate fund, OASIS can both help African American communities and remain profitable. This enables them to raise capital to purchase land and renovate homes while prioritizing the retention of African Americans in their communities. To improve the living conditions of the African American community in Chicago, OASIS also raises awareness about real estate values and discusses these issues extensively on Instagram and YouTube.

The company collaborated with Neighborhood Housing Services Chicago to provide classes on homeownership to tenants.”These are people whose families have relied on government assistance for years.” “And now they’re enrolled in courses on how to own their own homes,” Muhammad explained. OASIS also developed the Build Program, which teaches young people with no previous experience how to renovate properties and provides them with a path to becoming homeowners themselves.

The father being interviewed by a reporter.

Muhammad’s birthday surprise has accelerated Little Faheem’s path to home ownership. He’s already making plans for what he’ll do with his newly acquired land. “ATV camps, camps… resorts, family homes,” he said. Airbnbs and the like. If you want, you could put a windmill there.”The birthday surprise is not only a valuable life lesson for Little Faheem, but it also reflects the family’s principle of assisting communities in need.

Mom Aminah Muhammad also instilled in her children the value of owning property and contributing to the community. For years, she has organized Rites of Passage camps for inner-city children. Faheem’s brother and sister have been bringing kids from their community in Los Angeles to San Diego County and renting camp space to take them on hikes, ride ATVs, and build campfires. They can now bring more children to their own property.

Little Faheem’s birthday surprise is a gift to others as well as a beautiful piece of nature for the family and community to enjoy. “We simply see an opportunity to enjoy nature in its purest form.” You have clean water and clear skies at night. All of the stars and the moon are visible. “The sunrises are stunning,” Muhammad said. The wonderful examples set by family members will undoubtedly help Little Faheem realize whatever dreams he may have for his future.

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