The photographer discovered the most heartfelt way to cope with the loss of a dog.

Previously, we discussed the work of photographer Sujata Setia, whose subjects are children and dogs. Then came the sad news: Mustang, the main character in many of the pictures, had died unexpectedly. Sujata couldn’t just get over her grief and forget herself; she had to find a way to channel her emotions from the loss into something constructive.Sujata considered Doggie Mustang to be her son, not just a friend and member of the family.

And as a second, full-fledged child after the birth of her daughter. And there are no words to describe his grief, despite the husband’s insistence that you must remain in the present. Her daughter is growing up, so let’s get another dog so she doesn’t feel so lonely and so you can forget about the Mustang faster. Why should he suffer if he cannot be returned? “No! It’s impossible!” exclaimed the distraught woman.

But her husband was correct; life goes on, and you must find both strength and inspiration to work. Previously, his source was frequently a Mustang, such a charming little dog that many customers requested photos with him. Especially those interested in baby photo shoots — the dog fit perfectly into the frame. Is it possible to find a suitable replacement for him?

Sujata kept asking herself this question, and eventually came to answer it from the perspective of a professional photographer. She began taking orders to photograph babies with animals, primarily dogs, meticulously creating each frame. Is it similar or not? Is he as cute as the old Mustang, or does no one come close?And it worked; she stopped longing for the Mustang and began to see his image, the imprint of his memories, in every new puppy.

After all, they are only babies, and no one knows what they will become when they grow up. If you don’t specifically educate from a young age, what do you need? Take a puppy, especially since my daughter has already asked. And better than two, and one of them is a Mustang…

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