This couple adopts a Chinese girl, then meets another child in the neighborhood and becomes intrigued by their similarities, proving that they are biological siblings.

Although coincidences are extremely likely in our daily lives and are unavoidable statistically, certain events occur that are simply too rare to be considered a coincidence, and many believe that these improbable chain of events are the result of fate. If you don’t believe in fate, you might after reading this story change your mind. It’s only natural for any parent who wants to adopt a child to go through a series of procedures before they’re considered qualified to care for a child.

Some couples who choose to adopt a child from another country may or may not know the identity of their prospective child before making the decision to adopt. The majority of couples in the United States who are qualified to adopt children choose to adopt from countries other than their own. Many of them choose to foster and care for children from China, a country known for housing a large number of underprivileged children.Scroll down to see the incredible story!

After having three biological sons, Staci and James Maneage decided they wanted to adopt a child. The couple from Weldon Spring, Missouri, learned about an orphan child from China in need of a forever home. Elliana was her name. The Maneages had three sons and desired to adopt a daughter. Elliana, who was ten years old at the time, was diagnosed with a neurological disorder. Because of this, many prospective families have declined to adopt the child, which made Staci and James want to help her even more, so they decided to adopt her.

When they learned about Elliana’s situation, they decided she should be a part of their family. Elliana quickly became a member of the Maneage family after being adopted and relocated to Weldon Springs, Missouri. Staci and James had no idea that another family nearby had made the same decision to adopt a child from China as they had. Kinley was the name of the other foster child.

Kinley, a 7-year-old girl, was diagnosed with the same brain disorder as Elliana.Both families live in the same neighborhood and frequently attend the same church. Elliana and Kinley became friends after running into each other a few times. Despite the fact that they were adopted from completely different parts of China, they share many characteristics, including their facial features.

They became so close that it was almost as if they were sisters.Furthermore, Elliana and Kinley had formed such a strong bond that many people assumed they were related. This piqued the interest of both sets of parents. Both sets of parents submitted their adopted daughter’s DNA for analysis. The families then agreed to take a DNA sample from their daughter and send it for testing.

They weren’t expecting much because the two girls came from different parts of a country with over a billion people, making the possibility of them being biological siblings almost impossible. However, when they received the results, both sets of parents stared at each other, mouths agape. The results proved that these two girls were sisters. Their DNA matched 99.9% of the time.

When the results revealed that the two girls were biological siblings, they were at a loss for words. It appeared that fate had found a way to reunite these two long-lost siblings in a foreign country. Furthermore, they were adopted by families who lived nearby one another and attended the same church, where they would frequently cross paths. What began as a friendship bond evolved into a bond between two biological sisters.

Moments and circumstances like this would lead one to believe in a higher power. Whatever you call it, whether divine intervention, fate, or destiny, you have to admit that this is truly remarkable.

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