The reason why this Woman Spends 500 DAYS Alone In Darkness In An Underground Cave is unbelievable

After spending more than a year alone in a dark underground cave, a tough and brave woman made history. Beatriz Flamini, 50, is an extreme sports enthusiast who lived in a 230-foot-deep cave for 500 days. According to reports, Flamini remained underground for the duration of the challenge, with no contact with the outside world, which would drive most people insane.

The extreme challenge was part of an experiment in which the woman’s biological statistics were closely monitored in order to learn more about the human mind and our bodies’ capabilities. Flamini emerged from the cave in Los Gauchos, Spain, after 500 days of isolation and darkness, to be greeted by her loved ones and supporters.”I’ve been silent for a year and a half, not talking to anyone but myself,” the woman said as reporters pressed her for details about her solitude.

“I lose my balance, which is why I’m being detained.” I’ll see you in a minute if you let me take a shower – I haven’t touched water in over a year and a half. Is that all right with you?”The woman also opened up about the effects of her situation on her mind and her perception of time in footage shared by Timecave. “Caves are quite secure places, but they are very hostile to the human being and the brain because you don’t see the light of day, you don’t know how time is passing, and you don’t have neurological stimulation,”

she explained Flamini was closely monitored by a team of specialists including medical professionals, speleologists, psychologists, and researchers during her experiment, with the goal of observing her every move while monitoring her mental and physical health. In the process, she appears to have broken the Guinness World Record for “longest time survived trapped underground,” which had previously been held by 33 Chilean and Bolivian miners who spent 69 days underground.

“It’s not that time passes faster or slower; it simply does not pass because it’s always four o’clock in the morning.”However, it is unclear whether the record will fall into this category because Flamini’s stay in the cave was voluntary.

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