This Dog’s Owner is hidding In This Picture, can you find it?

Who doesn’t adore dogs? I don’t believe I know a single person who dislikes these cheerful, loving, and loyal four-legged dogs that we are so fortunate to have! Whether you’ve been looking for a dog to call your own or you already have one, this entertaining puzzle is for you!

Puzzles are an excellent method to keep your brain working and moving, as well as to get you thinking quickly! The question is, can you identify the dog’s owner in the image below?

Remember that many people struggled to find the owner of the dog in the photograph above. So don’t be concerned if you don’t see him or her! Remember to think outside the box for this one, and try your hardest to figure it out before scrolling down to read the answer.

Or have you given up on finding the dog’s owner? We’re hoping for the former! Are you ready to find out where he’s been hiding? Look at the image below; we’ve circled the exact location where you can find the dog’s owner!

Easy! Right? All you had to do was flip the image on its side! A man’s face can be seen if you look closely. He is dressed in a cap and has a beard. If you’re still having trouble seeing the man, here’s the solution again, except this time the image has been rotated.

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