The son wanted to find his father, but that was less of a problem. Together with dad, a new family was found, or rather, as many as 25

Oli Benjamin, 21, was born to two mothers and was conceived by a sperm donor in California. He wanted to know more about his origins from a young age, despite the fact that doing so can have serious consequences, and he decided to go in search of his biological father. After gathering all of the necessary information, the Brit proceeded with his plan…

The man discovered that his father’s name is Daly and that he still lives in the United States. Oli went to see him after learning his address from the sperm donor registry, but, as Benjamin admitted, he had not anticipated this long-awaited meeting. Of course, the man let his son into the house, but he was cold with him, like an ex-girlfriend’s heart, and the guy ended up in jail as a result.He said something to the effect of, “Hey number 20, what do you want?” He’d been in similar situations before. It’s amusing.

However, the young man did not have to be depressed for long. Soon after, a girl named Jordan contacted him, informing Olya of some unexpected news: she is his half-sister. Furthermore, Benjamin has 24 more brothers and sisters, according to the newly-created relative.This discovery amused the Briton, and he is relieved that he now has so many relatives, because he was lonely before. Oliver considers his half-siblings cousins and is excited to see them again.

Benjamin admitted that he did not want to continue communicating with his father because he was uninterested. Furthermore, the Brit believes they are not even physically similar.

Daley is not my father, in my opinion. He resembles a cousin or uncle. But I inherited his good teeth. Family is defined as those with whom you grow up and who care about you. It is independent of biological status.

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