If you want a window seat on the plane, avoid this seat number.

Ask any travel enthusiast about their top three vacation pleasures, and most will say getting a window seat on a plane is one of them.The truth is that window seats are the best way to enjoy the scenery while traveling. It prepares you for your vacation and distracts you from turbulence and air pressure issues.

Those who do not travel frequently may be unaware that not all plane seats have windows. Fortunately for them, one angelic stewardess shared the benefits of window seats on Twitter. Every plane without a window, according to Erza Lisa, has a specific seat number.

Those who don’t mind turning a blind eye to the lack of a window next to their seat may prefer this one. It should be noted, however, that the majority of people who travel by plane will try any trick in the bag to secure a window seat.

Erza Lisa revealed that if a good plane view is important to you when booking a flight ticket, you should avoid seat number 8A. Her advice is applicable to a wide range of planes, from the Boeing 737 to the 800 series.

Netizens are so excited about this new information that Erza’s tweet received over 9,000 retweets and likes. Commenters flooded in with memes and GIFs thanking her for the invaluable advice.Others, meanwhile, shared their personal experience of flying for the first time and having their excitement about getting window seats dampened.

Now that you know, plan your vacation ahead of time to secure a window seat before anyone else. Would you want to spend 10 hours on a plane staring at a white surface?

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