The thief was forced to eat a box of bananas with a laxative to return the chain

The main thing when working with the population is to use creativity instead of brute force! That’s exactly what the police of the Indian city of Bangalore did when they caught the thief. He did not want to cooperate, and then bananas were used! Bananas with laxative.

It was in the colorful and noisy bazaar of Bangalore. Someone named Vijay Gunda Tali, a 21-year-old idiot, together with his accomplices attacked a woman. They expected to snatch the bag and tear off the gold chain to immediately disappear into the crowd, but the woman was not timid and a scuffle ensued.

The accomplices escaped, but Vijay was beaten by merchants and passers-by so that they had to call the police. The police took the young man to the hospital, and there they saw it on an X-ray.Vijay insisted that it was a bone, accidentally swallowed, but the police realized that it was the same chain.

Well, sick, return someone else’s property! In order not to cut the already battered body, he began to be strenuously fed with unripe bananas. There is a lot of this good in India — we will clear the stomach naturally and get a chain.

But Vijay’s body held on and then the police began to water the bananas with laxative. By that time, he had already devoured almost a box!But the adventures of the thief did not end there — as soon as the chain was born, it automatically turned into evidence. As they say, caught on smelly, that is, hot. And arrested, for theft. Serves you right!

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