This Grandma can’t stop laughing as granddaughter transforms her hair with rainbow dye hair coloring. How she looks after that is amazing!

Hair coloring is a fun way to update one’s hairstyle. It can also brighten one’s personality and boost one’s confidence. These are the benefits that one grandmother is currently enjoying. She was able to experiment with her hair and achieve a stunning result with the help of her granddaughter, who is a hair stylist.

A video of a woman coloring her Grandma’s hair recently went viral on TikTok, awestruck many viewers.A woman can be seen in the video dyeing the hair of an elderly woman – but not with just one color. It was a mishmash of various colors, including dark blue, light blue, green, and pink.

Grandma is all smiles while granddaughter does hair coloring

Teasing her grandmother, the woman began to dye her hair with a brush. “It’s called an acid spill,” she explained, to which her grandmother cheerfully replied, “Ok, so glad to know that.”

When she saw the first color painted on her hair, the grandmother couldn’t help but laugh. Throughout the video, she couldn’t stop laughing as her granddaughter colored her hair.”Isn’t that lovely?” Grandma said, and the room burst out laughing. She laughed as she said she was going to look like an Easter egg.

She laughed so hard at herself in the mirror after she finished coloring her hair. She may have thought the idea of having rainbow-colored hair was ridiculous, but her smile revealed that she loved the end result. She now has something to smile about thanks to her talented granddaughter.

Grandma's reaction after hair coloring

Grandma’s amusing reaction to the dyeing process generated a lot of positive energy on TikTok. On the popular social media app, it received over 5.8 million views and over 760,000 likes.

Over 7,000 people left positive comments on the hairstylist’s video, expressing their delight and affection for the amusing grandmother.Many commenters said Grandma made their day with her contagious laugh, while others emphasized how beautiful and stunning she is with her new hair color.

Lonna Bonna, one of the commenters, wrote, “This seems like something she’s always wanted to do!” “How exciting for her.” Others have described her as precious and amazing, and they would love to have her as their grandmother.

Grandma before hair coloring

While others admired Grandma’s looks and hilarity, one commenter was more impressed by her upbeat attitude despite her age.”I adore grandmothers.” They are strict about all of that when they are mothers. However, once they reach a certain age, they revert to being carefree women.

“I adore it,” he said. Her granddaughter, @thecolourchemist, recently entered an online hair coloring contest using her grandmother’s hair color as her work entry. She announced that she had advanced to the semi-finals and shared a video of her Grandma’s reaction.

Her Grandma, as usual, was beaming with pride at her granddaughter’s accomplishment. The video included all of the positive comments about Grandma. Her laughter and joy show how upbeat she is and how much she enjoys her life.

Grandma flaunts her rainbow hair

Though many celebrities and personalities have worn rainbow hair in the past, Grandma’s version remains exceptional. It takes a lot of courage to do something unusual at her age, but she bravely accepted the challenge and just laughed about it.

Her story can inspire other seniors to enjoy life more and try unusual but enjoyable activities. It could be a new hair color, a trendy outfit, an exciting activity, or anything else that will inspire and satisfy them. May all of the world’s elders, like Grandma, receive all of the love and happiness they deserve. In the video below, you can see Grandma’s hilarious reaction:

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