A farmer discovered a massive egg under a chicken and couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw what came out of it.

Nature never ceases to amaze us. The evidence is that a giant egg recently caused the entire internet to crash. Even some experts in the field are taken aback. You’ll understand why when you see this egg – and its contents. Scott Stockman is the owner of “Stockman Eggs,” a family-run business that provides fresh eggs throughout Australia.

He posted a picture of an amazing discovery he and his employees made at the chicken farm a few years ago. There was a large egg among the other eggs. To say the least, it stood out from the crowd.The egg weighed 176 grams, which is three times the weight of a normal egg. And there was another surprise when they cracked the egg.

What was it that was hidden there? Another, smaller egg is inside the egg, a biological phenomenon known as counter-peristalsis contraction. It happens when an undeveloped egg finds its way back into the hen’s reproductive system and a new egg forms around it. However, it is extremely rare for two whole eggs to be laid in this manner.

The unexpected discovery quickly went viral on the internet, and many experts had to double-check the photos to ensure they were genuine. “Biologically, I’m not sure why the little egg didn’t come out; it’s very strange,” said Professor Raf Freire.Scott Stockman, the discoverer, was astounded as well. “It’s just amazing – that two perfect eggs form together,” he said. But they didn’t eat the egg; instead, it became a viral internet sensation that awed everyone who saw it.

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