These two had big dreams, and my heart broke at 2:00! Absolutely stunning!

Rowden and Leizel had been together for several years and had a lovely two-year-old daughter, Zakiah Rowzel. They decided to marry and set a wedding date of July 8, 2014. Rowden’s 30th birthday was also on that day. The couple was preoccupied with planning the day when they would vow to spend the rest of their lives together.

Rowden was diagnosed with stage IV liver cancer less than six weeks before his wedding. Despite their heartbreak, the couple refused to let his diagnosis prevent them from marrying. Rowden’s condition rapidly deteriorated, so the wedding date was moved up. The two were married on June 10th in front of emotional family and friends.

Rowden died ten hours later, at the age of 29. His lovely wife, Leizel May Go, and their daughter, Zakiah, survive him. Their wedding video is shown below, and the beauty and love in the room will take your breath away.

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