Doppelgänger On The Wall: Family Stays At AirBnB And Finds Something… Unexpected.

Every now and then, we come across a story that is literally stranger than fiction. Jennie Stevenson was driving home from a ski trip through the Swedish countryside with her three children when they became grumpy. Jennie decided to stop driving for the night and rented a charming AirBnB cottage nearby for some much-needed rest. Everything was fine inside the cabin, except for one of the bedroom doors, which had a lock on the outside rather than the inside, which Jennie found strange.

She had no idea that things were about to get even weirder! Jennie’s daughter excitedly told her mother about a painting on the wall that resembled her brother, Barney. Even though he was only 9 years old, the Barney in question agreed it was his spitting image, and the painting’s artist, Carl Larsson, died in 1919. What are your thoughts?”That expression she’s making in the painting, Barney pulls that face all the time,” Jennie pointed out.

“When I ask him to smile for a photo, he gives me a very intense, serious look.” Jennie’s Twitter followers all agreed on the unmistakable resemblance. One person even superimposed the two images to show how similar they are.Is anyone else hearing the theme music to “The Twilight Zone?” If that painting begins to age while Barney remains the same age, we’re out!

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