“My friend’s grandparents passed and he grabbed these, but has no idea what they are”

These were common tools used for racking open the hard shell of nuts in the 1940s and 1950s! Most people enjoy a tasty walnut, almond, or macadamia nut. However, these nuts are usually protected by a hard shell. This makes it difficult to eat them when you want to. Nature has done an excellent job with this one. Squirrels have sharp teeth and small hands for prying open nuts, but we humans rely on our thoughtful inventions.

So we created a variety of nutcrackers, and this is one of them. There are some silver long pieces with sharp points on the ends, as you can see. Those sharp points are used to scrape the flesh of the nut from within the hard shell. The sharpness is caused by the nut becoming stuck inside the shell on occasion. So a bit of a sass is required to get it out.

Not only is it a nutcracker, but it can also be used to crack open a variety of hard-shelled items. As you can see, the other component of the tool is the mechanism used to crush the shell. So you can remove the nut. This part is useful not only for cracking nuts, but also for shellfish such as mussels and lobsters.Of course, there are some extremely convenient versions of this nutcracker or lobster cracker.

Some of them fit perfectly inside these handy little containers. This makes it simple to transport or bring along for a picnic by the sea. Each sharp tool lies flat inside the container, and there are enough for a few people to enjoy the succulent flesh of a lobster.Alternatively, the sharp sticks and crushing tool could fit into a hollowed-out piece of wood.

There is a raised mount in the center, which houses the sticks and crackers. The hollow section that runs around the outside looks like a bunt cake or a donut. It’s the perfect place to keep your nuts. This way, the entire contraption can be left out, or anyone passing by can snack on a delicious nutty treat.

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