She weighed 60 pounds – this is how she looks today after a 5-year battle with anorexia.

Annie Windley, a young woman from Derbyshire in the East Midlands, suffered from life-threatening anorexia in 2019 and was barely able to stand. She lost 63.93 pounds after surviving on a meager diet of only one piece of toast and jam per day for five years. Despite being hospitalized five times due to her malnourished body, the 21-year-old claims that chocolate helped her overcome her anorexia.

Annie conquered her disorder by indulging in a single Lindt Lindor she had craved one evening. Surprisingly, she didn’t gain any weight after eating it, which helped her overcome her aversion to food. She gradually regained her normal eating habits and overcame her anorexia.Annie, 21, who currently weighs 99 pounds, has spoken publicly about her experience with the disorder after battling it for years.

Her anorexia began when she was 15, when she meticulously counted calories before eating. To keep her slim figure, she avoids carbohydrates, meat, and dairy. Even the sight of a plate of lasagne in the same room made her sweat and shake.”It was insane to think that by eating one part chocolate, I’d gain weight instantly.” But that was the day I realized eating wasn’t as scary as I’d made it out to be.

I used to refuse to eat certain foods. If you put lasagne in front of me, I’d shake, swear, and become agitated. I couldn’t possibly be in the same room as food.” She stated.”Even something so insignificant was significant to me.” I couldn’t be anywhere near food. To avoid gaining any weight, I would eat toast with jam or low-fat ready meals. It got so bad that when I was sectioned, I would scream and hit my head against the wall.

I just wanted to get away from the food.” She went on.Annie continued. “I was even told that because I was so small, I was at risk of having a heart attack.” I couldn’t even stand up without passing out. Looking back at the photos I took, I was frightening to look at, but all I wanted was to get smaller and smaller every day.”Annie was diagnosed with anorexia in 2012 as a result of her dieting. She went to Monkton Combe boarding school in Bath, England.

This is where she was bullied about her weight by her peers and had a strained relationship with her parents.Despite finishing her GCSEs, her weight loss had an impact on her academic performance and forced her to withdraw from sports teams. Instead, due to growing concerns about her well-being, school nurses closely monitored her health. “I used to be very active, I was involved in athletics, hockey, tennis, javelin, and netball, and I absolutely loved it.”

She stated.”When I started losing a lot of weight, the nurses became so concerned that I was removed from the teams because I didn’t have any more weight to physically lose.” I started slowly and people said I looked great when I first started, so I kept dieting. “The only thing I could control was my weight.” She continued.”When things were bad at home, I lost more weight, and then I started getting bullied at school for being so thin.”

My grandfather would tell me to eat a chocolate cake and you’d be out of there in no time, but it’s difficult to explain what you’re going through. Nobody or anything was looking up to me. I was only doing it for myself because I wanted to be smaller.” Looking back, Annie said.Although it hasn’t been an easy road, Annie is determined to live as normally as possible while on the mend.

She decided to confront her eating disorder in October 2017 and began exercising again, as well as incorporating regular healthy and balanced meals into her routine. She returned to Derbyshire after finishing school, where she was helped by her uncle in overcoming her fear of weight gain. She changed her diet and now eats nutritious breakfasts like two crumpets and a cup of tea.

Lunch options include smashed avocado on toast with hummus, a poached egg, and cherry tomatoes, as well as a pasta salad or jacket potato with tuna and salad. Annie’s favorite snack is a protein bar. She also likes salmon with potatoes and vegetables, chicken risotto, and sweet chili noodles for dinner. Annie regrets not seeking help sooner, as it has harmed her education and prevented her from experiencing opportunities to travel the world.

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