This Arab sheik became enraged at the bride, and what happened next is unbelievable!

Men must not be offended! Although it may appear absurd, their self-esteem and soul are far more vulnerable than a woman’s. We bend, bend, bend, and then straighten. They immediately degrade.

And, as a wounded animal rushes in pain, bumping into trees, they are offended and can break such firewood. However, everything should be done in order. Even by Eastern standards, a unique wedding took place in Kuwait. A 28-year-old Arab married four girls at the same time.

No, he was going to marry another girl entirely, but she dumped him shortly before the wedding.”No one will marry a guy with such a character,” the beauty said. “He’s unbearable!” she added.

Apparently, the offended Arab decided to demonstrate that not just one, but four girls would be delighted to become his wives. Furthermore, Sharia law permits it. Well, I hope he gave it some thought before making such a decision!

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