A man planted thousands of trees in memory of his wife, and a survey 17 years later revealed his secret.

It’s both romantic and tragic… Janet and Winston House fell madly in love the moment they met. The lovely couple married in 1962, moved to a small farmhouse in the English countryside and began planning their own family. Janet gave birth to a son soon after moving, and their happy family life became the dream of many. And then the unthinkable happened…

Janet died of heart failure in 1995, when she was 50, after 33 years of marriage. Winston and his son attempted to treat the woman, but nothing worked, and they lost their most beloved woman. Winston had an idea in the months that followed. He was planning a brilliant way to honor his late wife, and it had everything to do with his wife’s beloved meadow, which she adored.

Winston’s secret tribute was unknown for years until Andy Collett’s balloon flew over their rural home. During a seemingly routine flight, Andy came across a massive heart carved in a wooded meadow. “I have my own balloon and I’m a pretty regular flyer,” Andy explained, “but what I saw was the most amazing sight I’ve ever seen from the sky.” It was a lovely heart that was hidden from view!”

You can now picture the story of this love. Winston explained why he chose to plant trees…”I thought it was a great idea, a flash of inspiration, and I planted thousands of oaks.” As soon as I finished everything, I left a heart-shaped hole with a view of the hill where my wife and I used to walk… My son and I planted daffodils that bloom in the spring in the very heart — it looks great.

I go out there occasionally and sit in the place I made.” Nothing can bring Janet back, but this incredible heart is a beautiful way to remember her and remember all the good times she shared with her husband and son! Take a look at Winston’s touching tribute to Janet. We know Janet sees Winston from above and smiles at her adoring husband.

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