She always wanted a third child. Five times, the ultrasound showed that the dream will come true.

Rachel and Jason first thought about having a third child in 2005. After trying for 4 months without success, they decided to go to a doctor and start hormone therapy. The plan worked!Rachel had a dream that she would have twins when she was pregnant. But during the ultrasound, the doctors saw the third baby’s heart beating.

They told mom a few minutes later that there were not two or three kids, but five. It doesn’t mean anything to say that Rachel was surprised. She didn’t know what to say. The doctor told her right away about all the risks of this pregnancy and offered to get rid of three of the babies to “give the other two a chance.”

Rachel and her husband went to see several doctors over the next three weeks. All of them said that the number of fetal eggs should be cut down. But the couple decided that these five crumbs were not a coincidence and that they would be able to get through any problems.

Rachel and Jason started to get excited about the babies coming. Mom shows off her big belly, which is 33 weeks along. After five days, Rachel had three girls and two boys. And it’s just a miracle!

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