The ‘Titanic’ Child Actor Reveals That He Is Still Receiving ROYALTIES For His Role In The Film

A Titanic child actor has spoken out about his role in the iconic film, revealing that he is still receiving royalties more than two decades later. Reece Thompson, a digital marketing director from Utah, played a third-class Titanic passenger in the 1998 film.Reece’s scene depicts the young boy and his on-screen sister and mother waiting to die in their cabin after the trio was unable to board one of the lifeboats.

“What exactly are we doing, Mommy?” In the scene, Reece’s character asks his mother.”We’re just waiting, dear,” says the woman. “Once they’ve finished putting first-class passengers in the boats, they’ll start with us, and we’ll want to be ready, right?” Thompson revealed that he is still receiving residual checks for his role in the classic film 25 years later.

While he didn’t say how much they were worth, we can assume it’s not a lot given that Reece no longer bothers to cash the checks. “Yeah, I still do [receive royalty cheques], it’s true,” he told Network 10 in an interview. “But, to be honest, I haven’t updated my address in several years, since the last time I was interviewed for this.” As a result, I haven’t seen them [the checks] in a few years.

I’m just assuming they’re still on their way. Thompson also admitted in his interview with the Australian network that he still receives comments about his role in Titanic to this day. “It’s interesting; my family and I mostly think it’s interesting that people still find it interesting.” “My wife and I mostly just enjoy the comments,” he added.

“They’re mostly just fun to read, but – yeah – it feels like a dream because it was so long ago.” A variety of things are being said; honestly, some of the comments make me wonder how this is still happening 25 years later. “People are starting to associate my face with it now, whereas before it was just a random fact about me, which is kind of strange.”

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