How this man reunited with his father that he never knew?

Terrell Starr had no one to call ‘father’ for 29 years. He had no idea whether or not his father was still alive and knew about him. However, his life was turned upside down when Starr decided to look for his father on Facebook. He didn’t think the search would be fruitful at first, until he received a response from someone he thought was his father.

Starr had never known a father figure in his life. While his mother was away serving in the military, he was raised in Detroit by his grandmother.Despite living in a neighborhood where gang violence and drug abuse were prevalent, Starr excelled in school and participated in after-school sports activities. Nonetheless, he found himself daydreaming about a father he never had.

“Who is going to defend me?” “I didn’t know who my father was at the time, but I knew I wanted him in my life,” Starr told the Huffington Post. “I was always looking for my father in my mind.” “I had no other way of looking for him than in my imagination; I didn’t even know his name,” Starr added. Despite his parents’ absence, he was fortunate that his grandmother instilled in him the value of education.”

As a result, my grandmother ended up playing both mommy and daddy. “I wouldn’t have survived if it hadn’t been for her,” he admitted. Needless to say, Starr still felt compelled to look for his father. “My grandmother did her job well by raising me to be a man.” But, for some reason, I didn’t feel quite like one…I’d always wanted to know who my father was, but I never really pursued him.”

Starr discovered his father’s name when he was in his early twenties, but it took him until 2009 to summon the courage to search for him on Facebook. Later, he messaged Chris Truesdale on Facebook, asking if he knew Mary Starr, his mother Fortunately, Truesdale had just purchased a new computer two weeks prior to Starr’s message. Truesdale saw a message with the subject line ‘looking for a father’ when he logged onto Facebook.

That was the moment he discovered he was the father of a son. Fortunately, the two were able to make up for lost time by staying in touch via Skype. Starr moved in with Truesdale two years later, and the two grew closer.He has since moved away, but he remains in contact with Truesdale via Facebook chat. “I didn’t think I needed a father when I was younger, but I needed one when I was 31 years old.”

“But I wasn’t alone this time. When I finally fell apart, my father helped me get back on my feet. “My father arrived, and he’s been with me ever since,” he explained.

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