They divorced after 19 years of marriage. The husband then sent this note to his ex-wife…

Unfortunately, divorce is a common part of some couples’ lives. This is a painful event, but sometimes both partners realize that it is better for everyone. Of course, it causes significant harm to children. On Twitter, a teenage girl from Texas, USA, shared a very personal event. Lynn’s parents divorced on this day after 19 years of marriage, it turns out.

“My parents officially divorced today after 19 years of marriage,” Lynn wrote.But then there was an unexpected twist… “My father sent my mother a bouquet of her favorite flowers,” the girl added. “There was a brief note in the bouquet that brought everything together.” “Always gonna be you,” Jason wrote, translating as “You are forever in my heart.”

Lynn said of it, “He was always buying flowers for Mom.” Both on good and bad days. And even now, after everything that has happened…” Lynn admitted that the relationship between her parents is something she aspires to have. This story demonstrates that people can change, relationships can end, and love and a decent attitude toward each other can still exist.

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