Unbelievable story . It is possible to be pregnant without a baby bump, morning sickness, or any of the usual signs.

One of the most accurate markers of pregnancy is the classic baby bump. A missed period is a big red flag for a lot of people, and it’s usually followed by a pregnancy test.

For 17-year-old Saffron Heffer, though, it took nine months to find out she was pregnant at all. Heffer, like many other teenagers around the world, was on the contraceptive pill, which was a more convenient alternative than wearing latex during sexual activity.

As a result, after missing several periods, she concluded it was due to the pill’s side effects, as several brands have been known to affect menstrual cycles, and irregular periods are common with most contraceptives.

Furthermore, her body showed none of the usual effects of pregnancy, and the teenager even dropped from a size 10 to a size 8 during this period. Gym sessions and sunbaths went uninterrupted as she carried on with life in her usual fashion. Fortunately for her, her mother and workout partner suggested a pregnancy test after finding a pigmentation line on her stomach!

The result was astonishing. Heffer was 37 weeks along in her pregnancy, and the midwife told her her flat stomach was due to the positioning of the fetus in the womb. Shortly after the test, the midwife quickly repositioned the baby, and the expectant mother soon found her stomach growing rapidly.

She said: “It was so strange, from feeling nothing at all to feeling everything daily is just unreal… I thought my life had ended.” Her baby was born six weeks after the test, throwing Heffer into an entirely different world. It was a surprise for everyone. Heffer herself hadn’t ever believed it was possible to be pregnant and not know.

It is possible to be pregnant without a baby bump, morning sickness, or any of the usual signs. If you miss a period or feel something might be wrong, take a pregnancy test at the nearest hospital to be sure of the situation, and visit your doctor regularly to check up on your overall health.

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