She didn’t know she could sing. Nervous Girl Amazes Crowd!

Sometimes all it takes is a little guts to step outside of our comfort zone and let out what we’ve been holding in.Many people nowadays have discovered their calling in creating content for the internet and earning money from it through advertisements and endorsements.One popular type of content is what we call “man-on-the-street” or MOTS, in which a person asks random people on the street questions such as what they do for a living or trivia questions for prize money.

Reginald Guillaume, also known as Guitar 5000, is a musician and content creator who has discovered a way to make his MOTS content more entertaining and empowering.Reginald would set up his guitar and sound system on a sidewalk and invite strangers to sing with him for free in his “Sing With Me” series.Reginald stated that he created this series to encourage others to be more confident rather than to focus on himself or his music.

He wishes to inspire people to confront their fears and express themselves through music.One day, while performing his “gig” in New York City’s Herald Square, he came across a young lady named Quiora, who was on her way to school that day and stopped by when she saw the sign “Sing with me for free.”Reginald explained the concept of his “Sing With Me” series to her. Later, while browsing Quiora’s playlist, they came across Adele’s “Set Fire to the Rain.”

She was not as confident with her voice, admitting that she was still in her tiny little box of comfort.Despite her reservations, Quiora decided to overcome her fear and begin singing the song with her incredible voice. As her impromptu performance progressed, a crowd gathered, and by the end of the song, Quiora belted out an impressive high note, sending the audience into a round of applause.In the video below, you can see Quiora’s incredible spontaneous street performance with Guitar 5000.

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