A young mother was asked to “shut up” her crying child by a man in a cafe. But he received a head slap right away.

Mom Lucy Hatami is a dimwitted person. Only 8 months old, her son. She experienced a “unusual adventure” one day. The woman chose to eat at a restaurant because she didn’t have time to prepare breakfast. A young person had never before entered such a noisy establishment. The baby started crying aloud, which was to be expected. Khatami was extremely embarrassed because she knew that other guests would prefer to eat in silence.

She was attempting to soothe the child when a 20-year-old male at the adjacent table yelled, “Shut him up at last!”Lucy was unable to respond because Ham’s father interrupted. “Do you think that you were different as a child?” he asked, slapping his son on the back of the head. You were a small fool. Now excuse yourself. Give her a brand-new breakfast. After all, the temperature has already dropped.

Lucy was in awe! He followed his father’s orders. She also received scrumptious food and hot coffee.A recent mother posted about her experience on Facebook. “Thank you to this father for still remembering what it’s like to be a parent of a baby after more than 20 years,” she wrote.

This story serves as a reminder to practice patience and respect for others. Of course, this is also a fantastic example of the truth that we are never too old to receive a firm reprimand from our parents!

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