Nursing Home Employee Gifts A Pillow with His Late Wife’s Face for a Lonely Old Man

It is not necessary to make a grand gesture to show someone that you care. Love is often manifested in the smallest of gestures.When we marry, we promise to spend the rest of our lives with them, and the only thing that makes this possible is our desire to fight for the love we have for each other through every season and trial.Unfortunately, no matter how hard we fight for our love, old age will eventually take our loved ones away from us,

but that doesn’t mean we should forget about them.Ken Benbow is a WWII veteran who now lives in Thistleton Lodge, a nursing home.He has a habit of bringing his wife’s photo with him to bed so it’s the last thing he sees before falling asleep and the first thing he sees when he wakes up.After the war, Ken and his wife, Ada, met. He was a Royal Navy officer in the Atlantic and Pacific theaters, including D-Day in 1944.

Ada died in August 2019 after being married for 71 years.Kia surprised Ken with a special pillow one day. You may wonder what makes it unique. Because it bears the name of his late wife. That way, he can hug it while sleeping without it crumpling or tearing.Ken was overjoyed and grateful for Kia’s gift. As he hugged the pillow, he kept exclaiming, “Oh, dear!” He gave Kia a warm hug as a “thank you” for everything she’d done.

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