Kind 6th Grader Seen Shoveling Isolated Elderly Woman’s Porch, Next Day…

When a kind young man discovered that his elderly neighbor had not left her house in several weeks, he decided to pay her a visit and shovel the snow off her porch. Nichole Elder, a school bus driver, was informed by a student on her bus that his elderly neighbor had not left her house in several weeks. “I drive a school bus and have a 6th grader I’d like to talk about,” Nichole wrote in an online post.

“He was talking about an elderly neighbor who hadn’t left her house in weeks last week.” I tried to explain how difficult things could be for her to do.”Nichole pulled up to the boy’s regular stop on Tuesday morning while it was snowing, but he wasn’t there. She looked around and noticed the kind 6th grader shoveling snow off the elderly woman’s porch.

“On Tuesday, I pulled up and he wasn’t waiting at the stop. I turned around to see him shoveling her porch. “Because I was early, I waited for him.” Other students inquired as to why the bus driver was waiting rather than driving to school, and she explained that the young man was assisting an elderly neighbor, and that this merited a few extra minutes.

“The other kids were curious as to why I was waiting. “I told them that anyone who helps someone deserves a few extra minutes.”
When the boy finished and boarded the school bus, the other students questioned him about his neighbor. The next day, seven of the children brought the elderly woman gifts, food, and cards.

“Everyone began asking him questions about his neighbor. The next day, seven children boarded a bus carrying blankets, food, and greeting cards for the elderly woman. I dropped them off after work. Every day, she stands on the porch and the entire bus waves hello. I am so proud of him for taking the initiative and doing the right thing. He taught all of the children an important lesson. I smile with pride in my heart because I have such wonderful children on my bus.”

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