Kind Young Man Noticed How Tired Elderly Coworker Was; Helped Raise $186,000 To Pay Off Her Mortgage

When a caring young man noticed how tired his elderly coworker appeared while sitting in the break room, he organized a fundraiser that raised more than $186,000 to help her retire. Devan Bonagura was taking a break from his job at a Walmart in New Jersey when he noticed his elderly coworker, Nola Carpenter, sitting in a chair, trying to catch her breath after a long day’s work.Nola has worked at Walmart for 20 years and has been unable to retire due to a $175,000 mortgage.

Thousands of people were moved by Devan’s brief post of Nola sitting in her chair, tired and depressed. They set up a GoFundMe page called “Let’s Help Nola Retire” with the goal of paying off Nola’s mortgage so she can enjoy the rest of her days.”Let’s all come together and help,” said the fundraiser page. Within a short period of time, generous hearts had donated $5, $10, and even $100, totaling more than $100,000 to help Nola pay off her mortgage.

Devan told Nola the good news the next day at work, but her humble heart felt inclined to decline his offer.”They saw that you’re a very hard worker, obviously,” Devan said. “I’d accept it,” Nola said, “but I’d still have to work until I got the other $70,000 or $60,000 to pay off the house.” “The house is what keeps me at work.”

After a few days, another $80,000 had been raised, bringing the total to $186,318. Devan transferred Nola’s GoFundMe account, allowing her to pay off her mortgage and finally retire. “I appreciate all of your generous support, thank you!” Nola thanked everyone who contributed in an online post.”I adore Nola and all the hard work she has put in!” She is the most lovely soul I’ve ever met, and I wish her the best!” Taylor P. wrote with her donation.

With her donation, Danielle C. wrote, “Go live your best life!” “May God bless you, Nola!!!!” “I just want to hug you,” Rene M. wrote. “Please take advantage of your retirement. Everyone is entitled to one. “With love from California,” Amber H. wrote.Nola stated that she is “looking forward to relaxing.”

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