The Briton, who was given several weeks by oncologists, received unexpected news

A seriously ill man was preparing for the worst after doctors advised him to “put his affairs in order.” The Liverpool Echo learned about the case of Danny de Brabander, 39, last week. For several years, the man battled bowel cancer. He overcame the removal of 60% of his liver, gallbladder, and spleen, as well as numerous courses of chemotherapy, including intra-abdominal, sepsis, and heart attack.

Danny first noticed symptoms of the disease in the beginning of 2019, but he ignored them. When he finally sought medical attention, it was discovered that the cancer had progressed to the fourth stage, with liver metastases. His two-year battle for life began at that moment. The disease was approaching, and the doctors advised Danny to “put his affairs in order,” rather than hoping for the best.

However, good news arrived a few weeks ago: a routine examination revealed no signs of cancer in Danny’s body. Doctors were surprised when the Briton went into persistent remission, and his battle with cancer is now over.Danny rushed to inform subscribers of the good news. A positive attitude, in his opinion, was crucial to his recovery. The man hopes that by telling his story, he can help others who have been diagnosed with cancer and convince them that cancer is not a death sentence.

“To be honest, I didn’t think I’d live to see these days,” Danny says, “but I held on, inspired by real examples of people who were able to overcome cancer.”According to the man, because he was diagnosed with cancer at the fourth stage, there is a high likelihood that it will return, but he tries not to lose hope and fortitude. The British citizen is now examined every three months.

He will be able to visit the hospital no more than once every six months in two years. Danny has already resumed his employment at a telecommunications company. He is currently working remotely, but hopes to return to the office in April of next year after being immunized against COVID-19. “Although the odds are still stacked against me, I’m not going to worry about it anymore, and I’m going to enjoy life (at least in between my exams).”

I’ve come a long way, surviving a heart attack, numerous surgeries, losing organs and getting a stoma instead, barely surviving sepsis… and I am still silent about the pain in my heart and the constant stress of not knowing how long I will live! “Please try to keep a positive attitude, believe in yourself, and never give up!” I want to say to everyone going through this. — Danny posted on social media.

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