“I cried when I saw myself in the photo,” says the bride, who shed 92 pounds for her dream wedding.

The girl turned down the groom several times because she felt she hadn’t changed enough before the wedding. She decided to make drastic changes in order to take perfect photos. Vicky Chaffer, a resident of English Derbyshire, was overjoyed when her boyfriend David proposed to her, and the girl said the cherished “Yes” but forbade the guy from photographing the memorable event.

Vicky didn’t like her size 56 figure or how she appeared in the photographs. In addition, the bride refused to set a date. She set a goal for herself: she wanted to lose at least half her weight so she could feel confident at the celebration.”I had to reschedule the wedding several times because I didn’t feel beautiful.” “I told my friends I didn’t want to look like Shrek in a wedding gown,” Vicky recalls.

Time passed, but the bride’s weight loss journey was much slower than she had hoped. Vicky decided to take a picture while on vacation in Cornwall two years after the engagement and then burst into tears when she saw the pictures. Home scales still did not produce the desired result; in fact, they frequently produced an error. The girl was so depressed that she made the decision: if I don’t change, I won’t leave the house at all.

Vicky participated in a weight loss marathon and changed her diet based on the advice of specialists. Fast carbohydrates and fatty foods were no longer on her menu. She started cooking healthy food and exercising. The weight began to melt away before our eyes, and by May of this year, Vicky, who had lost 79 kilograms, was able to fit into a size 42-44 dress for the first time.

Not only has Wiki benefited from lifestyle changes. Her fiance David lost 44 kilograms by eating healthy homemade food, and the girl’s mother lost 38. “I can’t say I know when I felt ready. But at some point, my self-esteem soared. “When I got to the magic number on the scales, I told the groom, “Let’s do it,” says the Briton. Originally, the couple intended to celebrate in June 2020, when Vicky had already lost 50 kilograms.

The bride and groom, however, decided to postpone the wedding until the spring of this year due to coronavirus restrictions. Vicky managed to lose 92 kilograms over the course of several years. The purchased dress was sewn up to the 42nd size. Even the wedding ring had to be shrunk in size. The bride described her wedding day as “unforgettable.” Vicky smiled as she looked through her wedding photos.

“I think I look happy in these pictures,” she says. – Exactly what I aspired to be but couldn’t because of self-doubt. I was dissatisfied with my reflection in the mirror. Now that I look at myself, I can’t get enough of it.” Wiki encourages women who are unhappy with their appearance to make a decision and change their appearance. She assures me that nothing is complicated about it. “Give up semi-finished goods and prepared foods.” Stop eating fast food. “If you move more, you will succeed,” she says.

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