Amélie sings the song ‘Writings On The Wall’ by Sam Smith at The Blind Auditions of The Voice Kids.

Unforgettable Display Amélie Performs Sam Smith’s ‘Writings On The Wall’ During The Voice’s Blind Audition Every Friday at 8.30 p.m., RTL 4 broadcasts The Voice Kids. This show is all about genuine talent. Only the best of the best will do. It’s all about having the best vocals and the right mindset.

The Voice Kids is looking for someone with a lot of class, a long-lasting impact, and a distinct sound. After a rigorous pre-selection process, only a select few were invited to the Blind Auditions for coaches Marco Borsato, Ali B, and Ilse DeLange.

Following The Blind Auditions, every coach with talent continued to compete in The Battle. The talents compete against one another for a spot in the next round. The remaining contestants will be in attendance at the big LIVE final on April 21 in studio 22!

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