“Dogs told me how to lose weight”: an intriguing story about a girl who lost 42 kg.

The veterinary nurse followed in the footsteps of her four-legged patients and lost weight. Stacy Baldwin weighed 96 kg for a long time, but after a year of calm, consistent training, she reached a comfortable and “healthy” weight of 54 kg. What caused it to happen? Stacy had an eating disorder since childhood (the abbreviation RPP is widely used today). “I hated vegetables but loved fast food and chocolate.” Stacy was diagnosed with obesity at the age of eight.

When the girl graduated from college, she realized her dream by working as a nurse in a veterinary clinic. This is not easy work, but it is noble and grateful. Working with shaggy patients required her to move a lot, and for the first time, she seriously considered losing weight. Her first attempts, like many others, began with yo-yo diets — she lost weight, then gained weight.

Four years have passed in futile attempts to lose weight. Until one day she realized that a dependable path had been right in front of her eyes the entire time. “I have frequently developed diets and recommended physical activity for obese dogs and cats.” And if the owners followed our recommendations methodically, the result was not long in coming.”

Stacey stopped believing in miracle pills and diets and realized that the only way out for her was methodical exercise and a change in diet. “If these rules work for dogs, then they will work for me.” She started calorie counting, changed her diet, and gradually increased her physical activity. She began by walking briskly on a treadmill for 10 minutes once a day, gradually increasing her workouts to 6 times per week with an increasing load.

She is now involved in powerlifting and cannot imagine a day without it. “I’ve been deprived of the joy of a healthy body for many years.” And this is something I will not abandon.”

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