This wise retired teacher gives lessons to a homeless person for two years so that he can get a job

Textbooks and chairs do not affect education quality. A regular street can teach you how to dream. Two years ago, Bilbao residents saw a young homeless man and an elderly man teaching him on the sidewalk. Cesar de Miguel Santiago is the teacher, local media reported. Former Banco de Vizcaya IT employee and teacher. A 73-year-old saw a young man on the street in 2019.

He learned about his tough life from him. Evans Isibor, a 33-year-old Nigerian migrant, had nowhere to live and no educational documents. Cesar helped him. Evans met the man on the street every day to learn Spanish, math, and other subjects for the exam. Cesar and Evans exercise daily, even on weekends. The teacher sits down with the textbooks and explains the material to the student before helping him with his homework. Cesar and Evans are famous citywide.

“Look for them at house number 57 or near the bank,” most residents can tell journalists seeking a meeting with him. Cesar learned from Evans that the Nigerian left school at 13. Evans crossed the desert to try his luck in Algeria and Morocco because his farmer father could not afford education. After a long journey, he arrived in Cadiz and tried to get a job, but the 15-year-old was rejected because he was thought to be stealing.

Evans resumed his journey and arrived in Madrid. He learned carpentry and painting in a juvenile rehabilitation center. Evans tried construction after leaving the center, but the country was in crisis. He lost his job and money when his company went bankrupt. Five years ago, a man found salvation in Bilbao. Nigerians struggle with Spanish.

He constantly mixes up words, but he tries hard because he needs a language test to live normally in Spain. Cesar repeats himself. Only joint pain hinders the teacher. “My arthritis doesn’t like sitting on a chair for hours,” he laughs. Evans dropped out of school early and did not master the curriculum, so math is difficult.

The Nigerian is happy to study each topic in depth even though the course had to start from scratch. Isibor is grateful to Professor Cesar.Evans’ exams are approaching. He can get all the documents to start over if he passes the tests. He wants a good job and warm home. Cesar helps with the first one, impressing others with his noble act.

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