You can’t hide the genes: a woman discovered her husband’s adultery by giving birth to her best friend.

One look at the child was enough to make the husband suspect of involvement in his birth. Hayley Custer, 28, lived with her husband Connor (the man’s name was changed at the heroine’s request) for more than six years, unaware that he was unfaithful to her. The truth was accidentally revealed when a woman gave birth to her best friend. Hayley’s husband, in fact, has a rare hereditary defect on his neck.

The mother of four children discovered the same mark on the baby when he was born. Hayley demanded an explanation, doubting that it was a coincidence, and her husband confessed everything.Furthermore, the unfaithful spouse told her about other “adventures” he had during their marriage — at least 30 of them. As a married man, Connor claims to have fathered at least two illegitimate children from two different women.

Hayley was devastated. She felt stupid for deciding to assist a pregnant homeless friend, not realizing that she was secretly cheating on her. “I didn’t see anything.” “I was so naive, thinking that close people couldn’t do that,” laments the mother of many children.”At first, I was taken aback. My mind simply refused to consider what had occurred. “It had to be a stage of grief,” Hayley recalls.

The woman became enraged as a result. She suffered for a long time as a result of her husband’s and girlfriend’s betrayal and pain, but she eventually realized that this is real life, and she must accept and live with it. Haley has no regrets about assisting her friend; at the time, she simply couldn’t do otherwise. The mother of many children eventually found the strength to forgive her and intends to continue communicating with her.

The American also concluded that she must maintain good relations with her ex-husband (the couple officially divorced) for the sake of her children – but this takes time. Furthermore, she did not throw her homeless friend out on the street because she felt sorry for the newborn, who is not to blame for the mistakes of adults. Hayley, her ex-husband, and a friend now share a home with all of the children.

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