This woman looking for a foster family who helped her 30 years ago receives a heartwarming response.

A woman who wanted to thank a foster family who cared for her 30 years ago posted a request on a Facebook Group that she thought was a “long shot.” Instead, she received an outpouring of love and was reunited with her family within days. Jessica Cressey posted on Revelstoke Community, a mountain town in Canada, that she was looking for the “lovely couple” who took her in when she was a child.

Their love and kindness provided her with some of her happiest childhood memories, which she cherishes to this day.Jessica started her search by recalling these memories. She claimed that she was placed in foster care after her biological mother abandoned her. She stated, “I was apprehended from a downtown Revelstoke hotel where my biological mother had left me in the hotel room for days.” She began to alternate between two foster homes, one on weekends and the other during the week.

“I’m praying and hoping I’ll be able to find them so I can express my gratitude and appreciation,” Jessica continued. “This was a lovely couple who showed me a love I had never known before.” My only names are Abe and Mrs ‘B. “We lived in the woods and had chickens and turkeys,” Jessica explained.She recalls the birds because she once accidentally let all the chickens out of the coop while collecting eggs after leaving the gate open.

“My foster dad Abe used to pack me on his shoulders when it would rain because the slugs would come out of the ground and it was something I had never seen before, and I was terrified,” she said. Mrs. ‘B’ used to make me steamed broccoli with cheese sauce, which I can still taste like it was yesterday. She also let me play wedding and dress up, and she gave me a kitten to wrap up like a baby.

“Her time with them was magical, though she doesn’t recall how long she lived with them “as a lot of my memories are fogged due to childhood trauma.” “Many more great memories, too many to type, but I would love to find them as they were an impactful part of my life,” she says. She goes on to describe their long-term impact. “When the sun sets in the evening in certain ways, I get this overwhelming sense of peace and happiness, memories only related to when I lived with them.”

Jessica requested that anyone who knows the couple notify them that she is looking for them. She also shared a childhood photo of herself to help them remember her.It didn’t take long for the community to identify the couple as the Bergmanns (including their grandchild). Jessica’s reference was immediately recognized by another former foster child.

“I think it was the Bergmanns.” Aunt B was her nickname. She and her husband were my sporadic weekend home, which I had always wished would be my permanent home. The most effective foster parents “Hands down,” Sarah Bear Loo wrote. “The moment I read Abe and B, I knew who it was, plus the chicken coop was a very strong clue!” wrote Royce Sihlis, the couple’s neighbor.

I’m sure I let them out at some point as well haha. I could not have asked for better neighbors to grow up with.Mrs. B then gave her response. “Yes, it was us,” responded Bjorg Buhler. We have many fond memories of you being with us. Abe did die nearly 21 years ago. I’m remarried now, but I’d love to talk to you. “Do you ever visit Revelstoke?”

Jessica has been overwhelmed by the outpouring of support. “I am absolutely in awe and still somewhat in shock. I would just like to express my heartfelt gratitude and thanks to everyone who shared and responded to the post.” “I am still in shock and am just processing everything because I am experiencing so many different emotions right now,” she said. She informed everyone that she is in contact with Mrs. B. and thanked the community for “helping me heal one more chapter in my life.”

You have no idea how much this means to me.” People have been moved by the story and are overjoyed that Jessica can now communicate with her foster family. “Aw, so happy you found her!” wrote Allie Heppner. Many years ago, I had a wonderful foster mother. A wonderful foster mother is a treasure you will cherish for the rest of your life.” “I am so happy that you found your family from years ago,” Nancy Williamson said. This is a lovely story.”

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